About Kattfoten daycare

Kattfoten parent-cooperative was founded in 1985 and is one of the oldest cooperative pre-schools in Majorna. The daycare is located on ”Gråberget,” a quiet, residential area with green surroundings and fresh air.

Our creative and educational environment is well-established and totally unique. We uphold an equal-treatment plan, and are also proud to be ”Green Flag Certified” (an award for schools and kindergartens that work towards sustainable development). 

Our private chef makes all our healthy meals from scratch with as many organic ingredients as possible; the menu is pesco-vegetarian, with two fish meals a week. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are served.

Thus, our pre-school has much to offer, including: 

  • A creative, educational and well-established centre where your child can learn, have fun and feel safe
  • The opportunity to participate in and influence your child’s daily life at Kattfoten together with the other parents in the group (…a wonderful opportunity to get to know other families in Gothenburg!)
  • Well-trained, creative and attentive staff members at a high staff-to-child ratio
  • Healthy, delicious meals cooked in-house by our chef
  • Large premises that develop creativity and stimulate the imagination!


Preschool is the child’s world. Our educators see themselves as tools towards our children’s pursuit of experience, and supporters of their growing understanding of themselves and their environment.


Two preschool teachers, two daycare workers and our chef work at Kattfoten Daycare. The staff is responsible for the education plan and activities.

Kattfoten is a ”parent cooperative” daycare

A ”parent cooperative” daycare is an economic association that provides families with childcare. The parents, who are members, are simultaneously the organization’s employers and customers. That is, those who have their children in the pre-school are responsible for the business.

The organization is based on parental involvement and influence. Many feel that a great advantage of having their children in parent cooperatives instead of at municipal pre-schools is that one gets to know everyone involved in the daycare community. While a parent cooperative is governed by the same laws and regulations as other preschools and receives municipal funding, as a parent here you have great insight and influence in the running of the daycare.

Here are the four parental tasks at Kattfoten Daycare:

  • We all join a workgroup which involves us in the running of the daycare.
  • We clean: On a rotating schedule, at Kattfoten Daycare we parents clean every night after the pre-school closes. One Saturday every term we get together for a detailed cleaning.
  • We substitute. If an educator or our cook gets sick, a scheduled parent may need to substitute them.
  • We go to meetings. On the first Monday of each month, we parents meet to discuss preschool activities and development and make decisions concerning important issues.

It’s never crowded at Kattfoten daycare!

Our premises are large and include many different rooms. There is a central, sunny atelier for creating artistic masterpieces at the easels or concentrating on crafts at the tables. There are comfy sofas here too, where we gather together, read books and relax. We have two dining rooms, a room with a pillow-pool and wooden castle (including costumes), a large bright room for gathering, singing and dancing, a room for building-toys, an experiment room…and of course a calm room for those of us who need to take a nap or relax amidst all the activity at Kattfoten.


Would you like to know more about our daycare?

Call Hanna: 073-5253663

Would you like to join our daycare? Write us a letter telling us about your family; you can also let us know why you’d like to join our parental cooperative and when you would like your child/children to start. Write to us at: kontakt@kattfoten.nu.